France Scholarships for Indian Students 2023 Application Form Last Date

France Scholarships for Indian Students 2023 are given to students to help them to pursue undergraduate degrees to Ph.D. level studies in France.

In modern times as well, the strong academic tradition of France is growing so well. It is one of the famous destinations for international students. The advantages of studying in France are low tuition fees, the best quality of education, and a good French living style.

France granted 50 scholarships under the Franco -Indian Education Trust to Indian students. As a result of this scholarship, the students have good quality education accessible and affordable.


Why Choose France for Studying Abroad?

France is one of the countries out of the few European countries which invest a lot in the fields of research and education. Every year around INR 7 crores is awarded to more than 500 excellent meritorious young Indian students who pursue their career in higher education in France by French Universities and companies along with French Embassy in India. 

France is additionally one of the most important countries in Europe. In total there are 3500 private and public institutions that make up the quality French higher education system. It is also the home for the world’s 500 largest corporations. It has top-quality education in various fields like art, fashion, engineering, management, etc. There has been a recent tie-up between the Indian government and France after which France has planned to enroll 20,000 students from India by 2025. 

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France Scholarships For Indian Students 2023-22 Last Date

S. No. Name Deadline
1 Charpak France Scholarship April 2023
2 Emile Boutmy Scholarship April 2023
3 Early Bird Scholarship March 2023
4 Agha Khan France Scholarship May 2023
5 AMBA-Dalmia scheme May 2023
6 Eiffel Excellence Master Scheme June 2023


Why Indian Students Require France Scholarships?

Higher Tuition Fees and Cost of Living attract students towards Scholarships to study in France.

The tuition fees in France are low in public institutions because the French government subsidizes higher education for students. The tuition charges for EU students of the academic year 2019-20 is EUR 170 per year at the Bachelor’s level and EUR 243 per year at the Master’s level. In the school of engineering, the cost offered by the scholarship is EUR 601 per year while for doctorate studies it is EUR 380 per year.

The cost of living includes accommodation costs which are from EUR 120 to EUR 380 per month, the cost of food which is from EUR 130 to EUR 150 at various restaurants of university per month, cost of health care which is from EUR 380 to EUR 750 per month and other costs like transport and leisure cost of EUR 100 per month in France.

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Aga Khan International Scholarship For France Students

The scholarship scheme is available for good academic holder students of France. The scheme offers 50% tuition fees and living expenses as well. It is available for all the master’s pursuing courses from the reputed universities of France. But the candidates who are under 30 yrs of age only they will eligible to apply.

How to Apply

  • Applicant can apply application form from the official site here
  • Fill the registration form
  • Submit the form before deadline

Application Deadline: 31 March 2023

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French Ministry Scholarships

This scholarship is mainly for those students who pursue Master’s and Ph.D. studies or for foreign students who have graduated from French high schools abroad. The scholarship is given by Cooperation and Cultural Action Departments (SCACS) in French Embassies. Students who want this scholarship or information regarding the scholarship should contact directly the SCAC of the French embassy. The scholarship is divided into study scholarships, high-level science scholarships, and training grants.

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Merit Scholarships

Eiffel Excellence Programme -This scholarship is mainly for those students who want to pursue Masters’ and Ph.D. programs. This scholarship was established by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs to study in French higher educational institutions. The student applying for this scholarship at the Master’s level should not be more than 30 years of age while the student who wants to pursue a Ph.D. should not be quite 35 years aged. The money offered by this scholarship for the Master’s level is EUR 1181 and for doctorate studies, it is EUR 1400 per month.


Emile Boutmy Scholarship

This scholarship is mainly for those students who pursue Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. for Bachelor’s degree, this scholarship offers EUR 7,300 per year for three years while for a Master’s degree it offers EUR 10,000 per year which covers a tuition grant of EUR 5,000 per year and tuition fees. This scholarship is awarded to students supported merit. The scholarship is given to only those students whose eligibility matches the admission criteria of Sciences Po which is ranked as the finest and best institution in the fields.


Charpak France Scholarships For Indian Students

This scholarship is mainly for those students who pursue Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s level of studies in France. To be eligible for this scholarship the applicant should be a resident of India. He/she should be of maximum 30 years of age at the time of application. The selection for this scholarship is done based on the academic excellence and consistency of the student. The applicant applying for this scholarship should be enrolled in any of the Indian institutions of higher learning or should be a young professional employed in any of the companies for 3 years during the time of application.

Early Bird Scholarship

This scholarship is mainly for those students who study in France. The applicants of this scholarship should apply before 6 to 7 months of the intake. The students will get this scholarship in major Management and Business Schools in France.

Erasmus France Scholarships For Indian Students

Erasmus + is a European Union Programme which supports 2 million students for training and education. Many students can benefit from the bursary in Europe. This program offers scholarships to students for a period of 1 to 2 years. The program offers scholarships only to the best students who have an excellent academic record. This scholarship is given to students in any field of study. To receive this scholarship the students should take the Master’s program in at least two countries that participate in the program.


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UGAM Legrand Scholarships For Indian Students

This scholarship is mainly for those students who pursue a Master’s program in various fields of study like management, engineering, and science in France. This scholarship is designed for Indian students who have an annual family income of fewer than 10 lakhs. The children of armed forces personnel can apply for this scholarship. The cost offered by this scholarship is 10,000 euros. The students are selected based on their academic records and socio-economic status. The selected candidates will go through a telephonic interview conducted by the interviewers. Then the final list of students will be published on the website. The selected students will receive a scholarship award letter by Legrand.

Amba -Dalmia Scholarship Program

This scholarship is mainly for Indian women. This is a very unique scholarship. This scholarship is mainly for those women who pursue and aspire to study in music, arts, women., theatre, etc.



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