NSP Scholarship 2021-22 Renewal Last Date, Form, Procedure Available Here

Fresh Update: NSP Renewal 2021-22 last date has been announced by the government which is 15th November 2021.

NSP Renewal 2021 allows students to avail the benefit of applying again for a particular scholarship offered by the government. Students who are eligible in past are eligible for present applications also.

This article helps to provide all relevant and required information to apply for an NSP Renewal. Read the complete article to find out the last date of application, the process for applying (stepwise) & several related aspects of the NSP.

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NSP Scholarship 2021-22 Renewal Last Date

Worried about the last date of NSP Renewal? Here is your answer.

The last date for NSP Renewal is 15th November for the academic year 2021-22. The date is the same for both the renewal procedure as well as the fresh application.

However, for students who have already attained the degree of matriculation, students who have applied for central government scholarships, and top-class scholarships the deadline was 20th January 2021. Other scholarship schemes have renewal dates particularly in the months of January, February, and March. Students who are planning to apply for the scholarship renewal must go through the dates assigned to different scholarship schemes, thereafter proceed for the application process of the renewal. Students can check different scholarship renewal dates from the official site of NSP.

Note: Students who have already applied for the scholarship are advised to select the renewal process and not go for the fresh application. However, if you are no longer in the domain in which you fetched a scholarship, you should apply for a fresh scholarship. It is recommended to not submit a double application as it may lead to a case of duplicacy and your application may be prone to rejection.


Understand NSP Portal First

National Scholarship Portal is an online scholarship portal designed by the Government of India (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) that is dedicated to depicting various government scholarships for school as well as college-going students. It displays required information about different scholarship programs launched by different states as well as the Central government.

For NSP Login, You can check here 

The term NSP stands for National Scholarship Portal. Many of us must not be acquainted with the term ‘NSP Portal. We may have numerous doubts regarding what does it exactly mean? Why has it been designed? Under whose authority is this portal governed? Who might be the potential beneficiaries? What would be the time constraint for the application process? How to go about the renewal process?

There might be several more questions that may have arisen in your heads. Well, that is what we are here for. We would address all of your queries and sort them out.


NSP Renewal-Stepwise Process

The NSP Renewal process does not require an additional effort but is quite similar to a new application process. The government started the renewal process for the academic year 2020-21 soon after the announcement of the fresh applications.

Students of different categories and divisions who are eligible for the applications can undergo the following steps to get their scholarships renewed.

Step 1:- Click on the link given to access the NSP Renewal page.


Step 2:- After visiting the NSP portal, you would witness a Login button, under the login button, there would be ‘Fresh’ and ‘Renewal’ options for different academic years in the form of a drop-down menu.

Step 3:- Since you wish to apply for the renewal process, click on the ‘renewal’ button for the desired academic year.

After clicking on the renewal option button from the drop-down menu, a login page would appear on the screen. The login page would want you to fill in the application ID, password, and captcha to login and proceed.

Step 4:- Fill in the relevant details of the application form. Enter the application ID( same as last year’s registration ID), fill in the password, and enter the captcha. Click on the login button to log in successfully.

Step 5:- After you have logged in successfully, it is time to fill in all the required details that would be necessary. This would initiate your renewal process.

Step 6:- You would also need to upload all of your supporting documents.

Step 7:- Finally, submit the application form.


Points To Remember During NSP Portal Renewal 2021 Process

There are several important points to be taken care of while you fill in your NSP renewal application form. Some of them include:

  • It would be advisable to keep your application ID  (of previous application) with yourself as it might be required during the time of renewal.
  • However, if you have forgotten your application ID, you still can get it back by using the ‘Forgot Application ID?’ button, which appears on the login page of the portal.  You would be required to fill in the bank account details that you would have entered during the time of your previous application.
  • In case, you have forgotten your password of the previous registration, you do not need to worry as you can reset your password. You would be required to click on the ‘recover Password?’ button on the login page.  Thereafter, you would be required to fill in the desired details that you would have filled during the time of your previous registration.
  • The portal also provides a provision for updating your mobile number. In case you wish to change your registered mobile number, you can easily do so by clicking on the ‘Update Mobile Number’ button on the login page. You need to keep in mind that the portal would allow you to update your mobile number only once. You would be asked to fill in the relevant details to update your mobile number. 
  • Students who have already been eligible for the renewal process should not apply under the fresh category as it may lead to the rejection of the application form.
  • Similarly, if a student wishes to apply for a fresh scholarship program, he/she would be required to withdraw his/her renewal process so as to avoid rejection.
  • Care must be taken by the student that if your course has been completed, you are no longer eligible to apply for the renewal process. 


NSP Portal Renewal 2021 Form

Follow the given step for National Scholarship Portal Renewal Process-

  1. Visit the renewal login page by following the link above
  2. Enter your application ID in the given form
  3. Don’t confuse with the “application ID” it is your registration ID
  4. After that enter your password which you used to NSP login
  5. And, Now, Fill the captcha and click on Login Button
  6. Here, you can recover your password, registration id and update your phone number as well


NSP Renewal-Scholarship Details

The main motive of the government behind the creation of an online scholarship portal was to encourage students to apply for various scholarships offered by the government. The Government also has a provision of Scholarship renewal which can easily be carried out through the scholarship portal. This portal has exclusively designed for students keeping in mind different divisions of the Indian society. It takes into consideration students of all castes, religion, race and financial level. Read on to know more about the renewal process listed in a stepwise format.

It has a list of more than eighty scholarship programs. This portal enlists the scholarship programs into three different categories namely Central Schemes, UGC/AICTE Schemes, and State Schemes. Since the portal is an online medium, it offers the entire process in an online mode. When we talk about the time frame within which the form can be filled, it is ascertained that the months of July or August to October or November are suitable. 

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Objectives of National Scholarship Portal

The Government has introduced the National Scholarship Portal with a unified aim to achieve the following:

  • The Government, through this portal wishes to make sure the schemes introduced by it fain a wide coverage and reach students studying at every nook and corner of this country.
  • The development of this portal has also led to an organized assembling of the scholarships which can be easily accessed by all.
  • Through this portal, the government has provided clarity to the learners and given them a database.
  • The Government now can ensure efficiently that there is no scope of duplicacy as the form that would be filled twice may be rejected, unlike in the case of physical application of forms.
  • The students would be able to enjoy the benefit of direct transfer as the government transfers the stipulated amount directly in the account of the beneficiaries. 


Benefits of NSP Portal

  • Students can prevent themselves from the hassle of going to different government officials and offices, simply by applying on the portal. This has also led to transparency and efficient management.
  • Students can easily access scholarships available all over India merely by sitting in their respective homes.
  • The students can easily decide whether they are eligible for a certain scholarship or not and need not to visit different people who would let them know about their eligibility.
  • It has brought students from all over the country under the same roof.


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