Top SC ST OBC Scholarship 2023 Application Last Date And Status

SC ST OBC Scholarship 2023 is operated by the Government of India and the state governments for the purpose to help students in pursuing their studies in different sectors. The centrally sponsored scholarships are given by the Government of India and expended by different states while the state-funded scholarships are sponsored and dispersed by respective state governments only.

The SC ST OBC Scholarship gives reasonable monetary assistance to minority aspirants of both pre-matric and post-matric levels of research. For the detailed information read the article till the end.

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SC ST OBC Scholarship 2023 List

Here, we will list down the upcoming scholarships for the SC/ST/OBC Students. This encompasses a glance at eligibility circumstances, types of awards, application, and selection process, and other conditions. 

Scholarship Name State Open Till
Open Merit Scholarships for EBC Students


30th June 2023

Empowerment and Equity Opportunities for Excellence in Science

All India

30th June 2023

Post-Matric Tuition Fee and Examination Fee (Freeship)


30th June 2023

Post Matric Scholarship to SC Students


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Post-Matric Scholarship For ST 

20th April

Fee reimbursement sc/st scheme for medical students



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20 April 2023

Pre matric scholarship to SC Students
SC/ST fee reimbursement scheme for eng and diploma students
Post matric Scholarship To Jammu ST Students Jammu & Kashmir 20, February
Tripura SC post-Matric Schemes



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Tripura Pre-matric cleaning and health hazard SC applicant’s 20th Feb 2023
Tripura SC pre-Matric Schemes 20-02-2023
Pre Matric Scholarship scheme For Andaman OBC Students


Andaman and Nicobar Island

For More A&N Scholarship Schemes here

20, Feb. 2023
Post-matric Scholarship scheme For Andaman OBC Students 20-Feb-2023
Grant of additional scholarship scheme to ST students for pursuing higher educ. 28-02-2023
Post-matric Tripura OBC Scheme Tripura 25, February 2023
Lakshadweep NSP Scheme Lakshadweep 31, Mar


How To Apply In SC ST OBC Scholarship

Application in this scheme depends on the type of scholarship. Like, some schemes are released by the state government, some by central, and some belong to private companies. Here we describe below all the central and state schemes application procedure-

  • SC/ST/OBC schemes are applied through NSP Portal Only
  • Visit the link, click new registration
  • Read all the document information
  • Click all check box to agree on website and form policies
  • Then, click on submit button
  • New Registration Form will open
  • Fill in your basic details and click on Submit button

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OBC Scholarship 2023 Last Date

OBC scholarship 2023 is majorly focused on providing economic subsidy to students belonging to Other Backward Classes. These scholarships are awarded based on merit and means. 

The following table provides information on the types of Other backward class scholarships then government/private with the amount of scholarship, and application last date.



Application period


Pre Matric Scholarship scheme For Andaman & Nicobar OBC Students

15th Feb 2023


Higher education grant of additional scholarship scheme to OBC students after class 10th (exclude 11th and 12th class)



Post-matric Scholarship scheme For Andaman Nicobar OBC Students

15th Feb 2023


National Fellowship for OBC

July to August


Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas

July to October


Merit Scholarship for OBC Students in Delhi

March to April


Merit Scholarship for OBC students in Technical Education in Delhi

March to April


ONGC Scholarship

February to March


Pre-matric scholarship

September to December


Post-matric Scholarship

September to December


OBC National Fellowship

This national fellowship provides an initiative for the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment and Government of India to give financial aid to other backward class students and encourage them to pursue higher education leading to grades such as M.Phil. and Ph.D. The candidates have to visit the official website of UGC to apply for the scholarship scheme.


OBC Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas

The national overseas scheme is given for selected OBC students and also to experts who wish to maintain a Master’s or Ph.D. in a foreign university. The Ph.D. opponents have petitioned for a fellowship for 4 years and the master’s candidates are given a fellowship for 3 years. The competitors can obtain the application from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment also from the Government of India.


Pre-matric OBC Scholarships

Pre-matric OBC scholarships have made a motivation to OBC students who are studying at the pre-matric stage in government schools or comprehended private schools to maintain an education without any economic restriction. The students receive a monthly allowance of up to Rs. 500 under this scholarship and an ad-hoc award of Rs 500 per annum. The Central Government gave a  50% contribution to this scheme.

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Post-matric OBC Scholarships

Post-matric OBC scholarships are 100% central sponsored strategies enforced through state government and union provinces. The government of India has given a total of l expenditure of Rs.720 crores towards this scholarship and lakhs of students have gained through it. Under this scholarship, the students get a supervision fee of Rs.750 per month and other advantages.

Looking more Post Matric Scholarship Scheme 2023


OBC ONGC Scholarship

The OGCL is the Oil and Gas Corporate Limited offers nearly 500 scholarships to Other Backward Class students and economically backward students who are in their first year of graduation or post-graduation course. The students are also given a maintenance fee of Rs.4,000 each month under this technique. The request is established online on the website of ONGC.


OBC Merit Scholarship

The Department of the Welfare of SC/ST/OBC/Minorities, Delhi offers merit-based scholarships for OBC students of class 6th to 12th and professionals in colleges or technical institutes. To fill the form the candidates can visit the Delhi government portal website and fill the form online to apply for this scholarship 


SC ST OBC Scholarship –SC Scholarship

SC scholarship is given only to Scheduled Caste students to encourage them to pursue their higher studies without any monetary restrictions. The Department of Social Welfare and Empowerment then the Government of India along with their assistants at the state level offer several SC scholarships. The succeeding chart gives data on the categories of scholarships, administration or confidential assistance, percentage of scholarship, and request deadlines

List of SC Scholarship 2023 Last Date


Timeline for application*

Day allowance

Hosteller allowance

Pre-matric scholarship for SC


INR 225

INR 7,50

Post-matric scholarship for SC


INR 1,200

INR 550

Top Class Education Scheme for SC Students


Full tuition fees and other benefits

Full tuition fees and other benefits

National Overseas Scholarship for SC

May (once in an academic year)



Post-matric SC Scholarship Scheme

This scheme is a central strategy that has been committed under nation administrations. This overall scheme furnishes economic employment to Scheduled Caste students. They should be in their post-matriculation or post-secondary stage to enable them to complete their further education 

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This scheme is implemented by the national government or federation territories. The main objective is to financially benefit the students of grade 9th and 10th students to get a deduction of dropouts in the higher studies. To apply for this scholarship the students can apply through the  National Scholarship Portal or respective state portals for the post of pre-matric SC scholarship.


Top Class Educational  Scheme for SC Students

This overall scheme is sponsored by the Ministry of Social Justice along with the Empowerment of the Government of India for all the SC students. There are nearly 1,500 scholarships consented to by all the  SC students every year. The fraternities are precisely given for Class 12 who are passed SC students. They can apply online at the National Scholarship Portal.


SC National Overseas Scholarship 

The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and the Government of India give the National Overseas Scholarship for benefiting SC students and specialists who are financially constrained to study abroad. The government gives a total of 100 scholarships in that 30% are donated to all the female candidates. The student’s application has to be downloaded from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment website offline


SC ST OBC Scholarship – ST Scholarship 2023

ST Scholarship is awarded to the students of the Scheduled Tribe category by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs and Government of India. The main objective of the ST scholarship is to provide monetary employment to the students to complete their studies at both levels of school and college. One of the popular ST scholarships is Pre and Post Scholarship Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship and Overseas Scholarship. The following table gives overall information on the types of scholarships and whether government or private assistance amount of scholarship given and application deadline.

Top ST Scholarship 2023 Last Date



Tentative application time

Day Scholars allowance

Hosteller allowance


Post-matric scholarship


INR 1,200

INR 550


Pre-Matric scholarship


INR 1,500

INR 3,500


National Fellowship for ST


INR 28,000 p.m.

INR 25,000 p.a.


National Overseas Fellowship for ST

December (in an academic year)




National Overseas Scholarship apply and get benefited 

This scheme provides overall economic assistance to students pursuing higher studies at Masters like Ph.D. or Postdoctoral level research programs in foreign countries. There are a total of 20scholarships awarded to ST students in which 30% of total scholarships are allotted to female candidates. The students can download the pertinent form from the Ministry of Tribal Affairs online portal and fill the form to avail the scholarship 


Pre-matric Scholarship for ST Candidates and their eligibility 

This scheme of scholarship helps the students of classes from 1st to 12th standard students. This is to make progress to their post-matric stage of education and better in their all-around research. This will help the financially constrained students and also decrease dropouts at this stage. This scholarship will be awarded to the students by the state government in which they are permanently resident.


Post-matric Scholarship especially for ST Students, the application portal 

This scheme of  ST scholarship is centrally-funded and it has been executed by the state government of India. The students who are currently pursuing their studies at a post-secondary level can obtain advantages under this scheme. The students of both pre and post-matric can apply for this through the national scholarship portal website online.


National Fellowship to ST applied candidates

The National Fellowship scheme is sponsored by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs that is by the Government of India. The strategy is open to all the Scheduled Tribe students who are currently pursuing regular and full-time courses like MPhil and Ph.D. studies in Science and Humanities, Social studies, and   Engineering with Technology. There are altogether 750 slots accessible for this scholarship. The students can apply online through the National Scholarship Portal website 

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