Scholarship in Australia for Indian Students 2023 Last Date, How To Apply

The Australian universities offer a various scholarship in Australia for Indian students. Distant from this, many scholarships, awards are also requested by the Australian administration, municipal and special organizations. Before you apply to any of these scholarships, do survey the eligibility and standards, along with the close date.


Who Are Eligible For Scholarship in Australia for Indian Students

The primary criterion for most scholarships is a good theoretical score and still, it is sure of components such as your chosen objective, liability, and level. In some scholarships, components like extracurricular workouts, and volunteering can also be used for a purpose. 

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You may desire to announce scores of an English language knowledge test such as IELTS, which is normally submitted by all Australian institutions. 


Top Scholarship in Australia for Indian Students 2023


Name of the scholarships

Application Date
1 University of Melbourne, Commerce Undergraduate International Merit Scholarship 30 Nov 2023
2 Deakin India 25% Merit Scholarship 15 Dec 2023
3 Sydney Scholars India Scholarship Program  18 June 2023
4 Deakin India 20% Postgraduate Bursary 03 November 2023
5 MBA Scholarship Program University of Queensland 30 April 2023
6 Australian Government Research and Training Program May 2023
7 Australia Awards June 2023
8 John Allwright Fellowship
9 Endeavour Leadership Program July 2023


Amount of Money Available Through Scholarship

Most scholarships to research in Australia cover education fees although some may also cover residence or wandering payments. Research strategies at times offer up to 100% scholarship to teachers encompassing education fees and residence expenditures. Do note that the amount of money accessible and category of a medal varies as per your institution. Purchasing a scholarship is competitive and so, you must apply well ahead of time. We recommend you start with the protocol about 8-12 months before the preferred intake begins.



University Name





Australian Catholic University

International Student Scholarship 50% of the total tuition fees



Global Excellence Scholarship

A tuition-fee waiver of up to $2,500 will be awarded each semester to commencing undergraduate and postgraduate students The maximum value of the scholarships are Undergraduate 3-year degree and they give $15,000 Undergraduate 4 year with a double degree and also  $20,000 Postgraduate with a 2-year degree of $10,000



Australian National University

ANU Chancellor’s International Scholarship – UG


ANU Chancellor’s International Scholarship – PG


International Applicants from South Asia Region


International Applicants who have completed IB


Law International Excellence Scholarship


Law International Merit Scholarship




Bond University

Transformer Scholarship


Master of Architecture Scholarship

There is a 100% tuition remission for the 160cp Master of Architecture program sponsored together by the partners and Bond University.

Early Bird Acceptance Grant


Charles Darwin University CDU Summer semester 2020 Scholarship

10% of the tuition fees for the first two semesters of your course.





Curtin University

Starter Support scholarship – Covid Bursary

This is Enrolled in 2 units that are 50 Credit points which are AUD 2000 reduction

Enrolled in 3 units and also 75 Credit points which are AUD 3750 reduction. Another one is enrolled in 4 units having100 Credit  points AUD 5000 reduction

International Merit Scholarship in Australia for Indian students

25% off their first-year tuition fee

Alumni & FamilyScholarship

25% off their first-year tuition fee

Deakin University International Scholarship

20% & 25%




Edith Cowan University

ECU School of Science Excellence Scholarship in Australia for Indian students

For this scholarship, $15,000  will be paid as a payment credit towards tuition fees at $2,500 every semester.

Executive Dean’s 2023 Master of Engineering Scholarship

There is a reduction of 10 percent in tuition fees for the duration of the course at ECU

2023 International Undergraduate Scholarship

20% reduction off their tuition fees

2023 International Postgraduate Scholarship in Australia for Indian students

20% reduction off their tuition fees

Flinders University Vice-Chancellor Scholarship


Griffith University International Student Academic Merit Scholarship

20% of Tuition Fees

IIBIT – Fed Uni IIBIT scholarship for international students





La Trobe University

Latrobe South Asia Scholarship

20%,25%, 30%

Latrobe South Asia Scholarship

20%,25%, 30%

Vice-chancellor Excellence scholarship


Early Bird Acceptance Grant


Destination Australia Scholarships




Monash University

Monash International Leadership Scholarship

100% Tuition fee

Monash International Merit Scholarship

up to $50000 $10,000 per annum with 48 credit points and it is paid per year until the minimum number of points for our degree is completed.

Engineering International Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship


Murdoch University


International Welcome Scholarship


Queensland University

International Merit Scholarship


RMIT University

Future Leaders Scholarship





Southern Cross University

SCU International Regional Scholarship

$5,000 fee reduction each year

The Outstanding Academic Excellence Scholarship

$15000 per year for up to four years

Vice-chancellor Excellence scholarship

This Scholarship accounts for an $8,000 fee deduction for every year paid in installments throughout each year of study

SCU International Women in STEM Scholarship

This scheme has an $8,000 fee deduction every year and it is paladins the study year




Swinburne University of Technology

Swinburne International Excellence Undergraduate Scholarship

10% – 75% off your course fees every year for a maximum of 4 years.

Swinburne International Excellence Undergraduate Scholarship

10% – 75% off your course fees every year for a maximum of 2 years.

Swinburne International Excellence Postgraduate Scholarship

10% – 75% off your course fees every year

George Swinburne STEM Achievement scholarship

30% – 75%

International Excellence Scholarship




The University of Adelaide

Global Citizens scholarship

15% & 30%

Global Academic Excellence scholarship


Ashok Khurana University  for Outstanding Indian Students

50% Tuition Fee Reduction for the full duration of program plus A$ 30,000 Stipend, payable towards Living Expenses, Airfare & Tuition Fees

University of Adelaide 









Swinburne University of Technology





International Scientia Coursework Scholarship

There are two offers given: One is Full-time tuition fee scholarships paid directly towards tuition fees for the minimum duration of the course

The next offer is  $20,000 per annum paid directly towards tuition fees for the minimum duration of the course

  • The candidates of this Scholarship is offered with  the following: There is a Guaranteed fast track of  application and interview for on-campus accommodation students at UNSW Kensington College

UNSW Global Academic Award

Offer 1 is $5,000 for 1 year

Offer 2 is $10,000 for 1 year

Future of Change Scholarship

They are given $5,000 per annum  as a stipend for a minimum duration of the course

Art & Design International (Postgraduate) Coursework Scholarship

They are given $5,000 every per annum which is  paid directly towards tuition fees for a minimum duration of the program

Dr. Vincent Lo Asia Undergraduate Scholarships

They give $5,000 per annum given as a stipend for the minimum duration of the course

UNSW Law International Award

$10,000 pa paid as a stipend for 1 year

The University of Newcastle

Global Leaders Scholarship


The University of Notredame Australia

International Merit Scholarship


The University of Southern Queensland

Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship

$24 000 (32 study unit degree), or $18 000 (24 study unit degree)

The University of Sydney

International Course Merit Scholarship

25% Tuition fee waiver


International High Achiever Scholarship

20% Tuition fee waiver


UC/GBCA Scholarships

15% off total tuition fee


International Merit Scholarship

10% off total tuition fee

University of South Australia

Vice chancellor’s International Excellence scholarship


University of Southern Queensland

Scholarship for Commencing international Students



Scholarship for Commencing international Students


University of Tasmania

Tasmanian International Scholarship


University of Technology, Sydney

Undergraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship



Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

They are given $10,000 which is paid in two equal intervals and $5,000 is given each towards first-year tuition fees.


Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship

An amount of $5,000 is given towards the first session of UTS tuition fees


UTS Grant for Masters by coursework students

$3,000 towards the first session tuition fees


South Asia Postgraduate Business Merit Scholarship

25% of UTS tuition fees


Engineering & IT Postgraduate Academic Excellence scholarship

25% of UTS tuition fees


Master of Professional Engineering Scholarship

25% of UTS tuition fees


Science Postgraduate Academic excellence scholarship

25% of UTS tuition fees


Health International Postgraduate Academic excellence scholarship

25% of UTS tuition fees

University of Wollongong

University Excellence scholarships



Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship



India bursary

10% tuition fee reduction for the minimum duration of an eligible undergraduate course. They give 

20% tuition fee deduction for the minimum duration for an eligible postgraduate course

Western Sydney University

International Scholarship

$3000/ multi-year


International Scholarship

Scholarships for 2023 students include $5,000 and $7,500 multi-year scholarships and this is will no longer offer instead of this they will offer $3,000 and $6,000 multi-year scholarships to more students

All of the  Bachelor students should get an entry score at least  qualify for at least $3,000 multi-year scholarships, if they meet the required score or GPA they can also qualify for a $6,000 multi-year scholarship

All students graduating from  pathway college will receive a minimum of $3,000 as a multi-year scholarship

Scholarship in Australia for Indian students




Australian Government Research and Training Program

This is financed by the Australian Government and it mainly encompasses the following: student’s tuition fee and health insurance for nearly 3 years

Supports students for both local and international in doing Research Doctorate and Research Master’s degree. This is mainly to motivate the students to get the required financial support 

The value is $28,092 per annum which is made for every two weeks

The deadline for this Scholarship is

Round 1 is on  31st August 2020

Round 2 is on 15th April 2023


Australia Awards

This award is sponsored by the Department of Education and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research along with the Department of Foreign Affairs

The main aim is to give students from formulating regions an opportunity to pursue their UG and PG degree at contributing universities in Australia and Technical and Further Education institutions

These include full tuition fees for the students, residence payments, Overseas Student Health Cover, and other allied expenses which is for two years

These students should return to India after the fulfillment of their studies


Endeavour Leadership Program

This scholarship mainly intends to encourage international students to study in provincial Australia to regionally develop tertiary education providers in Australia and furnish a learning knowledge to its students 

The value of the funding is $15,000 for each scholarship which is given yearly and $1,500 in promotional and government assistance for each scholarship every annual

This Fund is accessible for every year being sure of your qualification as you continue to be eligible for up to four years

For this, we should be Connected with your IDP counselor for more information on 2023 applications    


John Allwright Fellowship

This furnishes scientists from other partner regions engaged in the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research and  projects with the opportunity to obtain postgraduate capabilities at Australian tertiary institutions

It furnishes Ph.D. and master’s scholarships on an annual rationale to agrarian researchers and administered through the Australia Awards system which gives strength and confidence to others 

We can Connect with your ID counselor for more info on 2023 applications 


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