SSLC Prize Money Scholarship 2023 Last Date

SSLC Prize Money Scholarship 2023 Last date will be going soon. If students have not fill the form please fill it out before the last date gone. And,  already registered students in the previous year please check the status by using the given steps. It is mandatory for all students to link their Aadhar card in bank.

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SSLC Prize Money is a scholarship scheme launched by the Government of India to encourage and motivate students to excel in their studies at the secondary school level. This scholarship is awarded to students who have scored high marks in their SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) examinations.

The SSLC Prize Money Scholarship not only provides financial assistance to students but also motivates them to aim for higher goals and strive for excellence in their studies. This scholarship is a recognition of their hard work and dedication towards their studies, and it serves as an inspiration for them to continue working towards their academic goals. To be eligible for the Prize Money Scholarship, a student must have passed their SSLC examinations with flying colors and secured high marks in their academics. The scholarship is usually awarded to students who have scored above a certain percentage or rank in their class.

Overview of SSLC Prize Money Scholarship

Name  SSLC Prize Money Scholarship
Provided By Karnataka State Govt
Launched By  SWD (Social Welfare Department)
Eligible Students Check detailed eligibility criteria below
Categories SC/ST/OBC
Reward or Benefits Amount provided for educational help
Minimum Marks atleast 60%
Scholarship information Link
Applicable to  Students of State only
Scholarship transfer mode Direct Bank Transfer
How to transfer Monthly Basis
Application Mode Online(Application Link given below)
Official website official website link
Last Date  July 2023
Official Mail handle
For Support Contact  080-22634300
For Enquiry 080-22340956


SSLC Prize Money Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the SSLC Prize Money Scholarship may vary slightly from state to state in India. However, some common eligibility criteria that most states follow are:

Academic Qualification: To be eligible for the scholarship, a student must have passed the SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) examination with high marks or percentage. The specific cut-off mark or percentage required to qualify for the scholarship varies from state to state.

Residency: The scholarship is usually available to students who are permanent residents of the state in which they have appeared for the SSLC examination.

Annual Income: Some states may also consider the annual income of the student’s family while awarding the scholarship. The scholarship may be available to students belonging to economically weaker sections or families with an annual income below a certain threshold.

Age Limit: The student must also meet the age criteria set by the state government. In most cases, the applicant must be below 18 years of age at the time of application.

Previous Academic Records: The previous academic records of the student may also be considered while awarding the scholarship.


Applicants must provide the following supporting documents:

  1. Income and caste certificate.
  2. Proof of residency.
  3. Voter ID, driving license, or ration card.
  4. SSLC exam mark sheet.
  5. Proof of admission and fees paid.
  6. Aadhaar Card.
  7. Identification card.

SSLC Prize Money Scholarship 2023 Application Form 

SSLC Prize Money 2023 Online Application are filling through the official portal which is Even, applicants can check their final status by the same link.

sslc scholarship 2021 karnataka


SSLC Prize Money Application Process 

One can follow these steps to apply:

  • Go to the SSLC official website link here
  • Find the link for “Online Application (Only for 2022 Passed out)”
  • Click on that link.
  • Select the general information board type, passed year, SSLC registration number
  • After that select your caste from the drop down menu and
  • Fill student name mention as in Aadhaar card
  • Read the instructions carefully before proceeding.
  • Register by providing the required information.
  • Submit your completed form and monitor the status of your application.


Class of Study Prize Money in Rupees
Agriculture, Veterinary, Engineering, Medicine 35,000
Postgraduate courses like M.A, M.Sc, etc 30,000
Diploma Course 20,000
Degree Course



What is Objective of SSLC Prize Money Scholarship 2023

  • The objective of this scholarship is to reward meritorious students who have performed exceptionally well in their SSLC examination and motivate them to pursue higher education.
  • The Scholarship is offered by various state governments in India, and the scholarship amount varies from state to state.
  • Generally, the scholarship amount ranges from INR 5000 to INR 10,000, and it is awarded to the top-performing students in each district or taluk.
  • The scholarship is open to students who have completed their SSLC examination and must have obtained a minimum percentage of marks in their SSLC examination, and their annual family income must be below a certain threshold.
  • The scholarship amount can help cover a portion of their educational expenses, such as tuition fees, books, and other study-related expenses.
  • This financial assistance can prove to be a great relief for students who come from economically weaker backgrounds.

Moreover, the SSLC Prize Money Scholarship encourages students to pursue higher education and contributes to the development of the nation by providing opportunities to talented and deserving students. By rewarding academic excellence, this scholarship program aims to promote the growth and progress of the country by empowering the youth with education.


SSLC Prize Money for SC/ST Students

The SSLC prize money scheme for SC/ST students is a commendable initiative that aims to create a level playing field in education and empower marginalized communities. Through financial aid, recognition, and encouragement, this scheme not only supports academic excellence but also boosts the confidence, self-esteem, and holistic development of students. It serves as a stepping stone towards a brighter future for these deserving individuals, enabling them to overcome challenges, fulfill their aspirations, and make a significant impact on society.
The prospect of receiving a monetary reward encourages students to work harder, stay focused, and aim for higher academic performance. This not only benefits individual students but also contributes to raising the overall educational standards in the community.

For students from marginalized backgrounds, the SSLC prize money not only offers financial support but also boosts their self-confidence and self-esteem. The recognition and appreciation they receive for their accomplishments instill a sense of pride and belief in their abilities. This newfound confidence empowers them to dream big, set higher goals, and pursue further education, opening doors to brighter opportunities in their future.


How to Edit SSLC Prize Money Scholarship Application Form?

The procedure to edit the application for SSLC scholarship may vary depending on the state or region in which the scholarship is offered. However, here are some general steps that students can follow to edit their application:

  1. Visit the official website of the respective state government’s education department or the scholarship portal where the SSLC scholarship application was submitted.

  2. Look for the ‘Edit Application’ or ‘Application Correction’ link on the website’s homepage. It may be available under the ‘Student Login’ or ‘Scholarship Application’ section.

  3. Enter the login credentials, such as the application number or registration ID, to access the application form.

  4. Review the application form and make the necessary changes to the details that need to be corrected or updated.

  5. Upload any required documents or certificates that were missed or require correction.

  6. Once the changes have been made, verify the details entered in the application form and check for any errors or missing information.

  7. Submit the updated application form and take a printout of the revised application form.

  8. It is important to note that the deadline to edit or make corrections to the SSLC scholarship application form may be limited. Hence, students should check the official website or notification regarding the application correction deadline.

In case the online portal does not allow editing or correcting the application, the student should reach out to the concerned authorities or the scholarship provider for assistance.

By following these steps, students can edit their SSLC scholarship application form and ensure that their details are accurate and up to date.


How to Check SSLC Prize Money Status?

To check the application status of the SSLC Prize Money Scholarship, students need to follow the below procedure:

  • Visit the official website of the respective state government’s education department or the scholarship portal where the SSLC scholarship application was submitted.

  • Look for the ‘Student Login’ or ‘Scholarship Application’ section on the website’s homepage.

  • Enter the login credentials, such as the application number or registration ID, to access the scholarship application status page.

  • After logging in, search for the ‘Check Application Status’ link on the homepage or under the scholarship application section.

  • Click on the ‘Check Application Status’ link to proceed.

  • On the application status page, students need to enter their application number, date of birth, and other required details such as name and address, to view the status of their application.

  • After entering the details, click on the ‘Submit’ or ‘Check Status’ button to view the status of the SSLC scholarship application.

  • The scholarship application status page will display the current status of the application, such as ‘Submitted’, ‘Under Review’, ‘Verified’, ‘Rejected’, or ‘Approved’.

  • In case the application is rejected, the page will also provide the reason for the rejection.

  • Students can take a printout of the application status page for their reference.

It’s important to note that the scholarship application status may take some time to update, and students should regularly check the status of their application until a final decision is made. In case of any discrepancies or issues with the application status, students should contact the concerned authorities or scholarship provider for assistance.


SSLC Prize Money List To Apply

Check out the complete list of the SSLC Scholarship 2023 Karnataka along with the last date, eligibility criteria, and application process. 

S.NO. SSLC Scholarship Name Application Last Date

Post matric scholarship



Pre matric scholarship


3. prize money scholarship 15-Mar-2023
4. Swami Vivekananda Chhatravritti Yojana 28-Nov-2023

Shamanur Shivashankarappa Scholarship


Siksha Abhiyan Scholarship

7. Vidhyadhan Scholarship  22-Dec-2023
8. NTSERT Scholarship Jan-2023
9. Allen SSLC Scholarship Mar-2023

All India Meritorious Scholarship


Saraswati Academy Scholarship


Contact Details

Connecting Extension: 080-22634300, 080-22340956


Most Asking Question About Prize Money (FAQ)

Q- When will I receive my SSLC prize money?

A- Students can expect to receive their prize money within a few months of submitting their application.

Q- How do I apply for prize money scholarship?

A- Applicants can use the application form given above or by following the online application step by step process .

Q- Who is eligible for SSLC prize money scholarship?

A- Students who have scored in the top 10% of their class.

Q- What is SSLC prize money scholarship?

A- SSLC prize money scholarship is a financial aid program that is awarded to students who have performed exceptionally well in their Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) examinations.

Q- What are the benefits of receiving SSLC prize money?

A- It can be a valuable financial resource for students who are planning to continue their education. The money can be used to pay for tuition, books, and other expenses associated with higher education. In addition, the prize money can help to reduce the financial burden on students’ families.

Q- What are the challenges of receiving SSLC prize money?

A- One challenge of receiving SSLC prize money is that the application process can be complex and time-consuming.

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